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Skyline Veterinary Hospital offers Affordable quality pet care in the Fridley & Twin Cities area since 1970.

Skyline’s small animal hospital is a family practice hospital. Dr. Ryan Speltz’s advanced dentistry suite can handle your pets oral concerns while Dr. Ken Speltz offers affordable spay, neuter, declaw, tumor and general surgical needs. Our doctors take pride in helping clients through those hard internal medical issues. We welcome new clients and second opinion exams or cases. Our staff offer nutritional advice and natural dietary options. We have low cost boarding for your cats and dogs too.


Skyline has a total of five different kenneling areas so we are able to accommodate your animal’s special needs. Our large dog spaces tend to fill up first. It’s best to book in advance.



Periodontal disease is the most common type of gum disease in small animals. Examination is the key to diagnostics and treatment of treatment needed. You can help by examining your pets teeth monthly.



 We have new scents in Pet Odor Exterminator Candles!


  • Easter Lilies

    Easter brings flowers, but please remember they can be toxic to our beloved pets!

    cat's and lilies

  • Spring Coupons

    Spring is here! Remember to start your pet’s flea and tick preventive and the heartworm preventative.

    If you still need to pick up you supply we have them all stocked in the clinic with great rebates!
    Spring Coupons

  • We now have a therapeutic laser! Therapeutic Laser treatments are able to help reduce the inflammation, reduce redness, and reduce the pain and help the healing process! Treatments can be used in many insistence’s such as dental extractions, hot spots, arthritis, surgical incisions, etc. Our certified trained technicians administer treatments in just a few short minutes. Talk to our doctors or technicians today on how it could benefit your pet!

  • Hot Car Dangers

    dog-heat-strokeLeaving your pets in the car does not seem harmless as you quick run into the store. However it can be very dangerous for your pet. With the windows cracked in 80 degree weather it can heat up to 99 degrees in 10 minutes!

    Check out this article for more information about the dangers of leaving your pet in a car.






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