A New and Simple Way to Manage Cats with Hyperthyroidism

Does your cat have enough energy for 10 cats, eat every morsel of food in sight and is still losing weight, vomiting frequently or having diarrhea?  If so your cat may have hyperthyroidism.  For those of you that have a cat diagnosed with hyperthyroidism already, are you tired of giving your cat a pill or a liquid medication every day to keep the hyperthyroidism in check?  Does your cat just hate to see you coming with that dreaded bottle?  Well Hill’s Prescription Food line has a new food option that may be just right for your feline friend.  It is called y/d and is a diet designed to manage a cat’s high thyroid hormone levels to be within the normal range without any extra medications. Once transitioned to the y/d diet, your cat will need to be rechecked at 4 and 8 weeks after.  After 4 weeks the thyroid hormone level should be down and after 8 weeks it should be within the normal range in most cats.  And don’t worry if your cat has kidney disease, you can use this diet in your cat also but may need more regular rechecks to manage both conditions.  If you are interested in more information about this new thyroid management diet for your feline companion, please call us at 763-574-9892 and talk to a doctor to see if y/d is right for your cat.