Rabies found in a Horse in Southwestern MN

Recently a horse in Nobles County in southwestern Minnesota was noticed to be lethargic, disoriented and circling.   The animal’s health continued to decline and was euthanized on Oct. 1st and tested positive for rabies.  Bats and skunks continue to be the common wildlife that carry and spread the rabies virus in Minnesota.  To date, all domestic animals that have tested positive have been large animals.  But this doesn’t mean our smaller furry friends are not at risk so please make sure your cats’ and dogs’ rabies vaccines are up to date since this is a disease we don’t get a second chance with.  To see the full report on this case as provided by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health, please follow this link: MN BAH Rabies Alert.  If you have any questions about your pet’s rabies vaccine status, please call us at 763-574-9892.