Rabies and Flu Update

Rabies Alert

Another confirmed case of rabies was announced on December 1st.  A stray cat in Olmstead County, in the southeastern portion of the state, was taken in by a family at the end of October.  The cat was spayed and vaccinated, after which the cat started developing neurologic signs such as aggression, vocalization, wobbly in the rear end and scooting.  The cat was euthanized and tested for rabies then.  The unvaccinated cats in the home also euthanized while the vaccinated cats in the home have to be quarantined.   The owner, three relatives and four veterinary staff members all need to be treated with post-exposure prophylaxis shots.  This is just another serious and sad reminder of how important it is to keep our pets up-to-date on their vaccines, especially their rabies vaccine.


Canine Influenza Update

In a national survey of pet care facilities, over a quarter of all surveyed are now requiring that dogs be vaccinated for canine influenza virus (dog flu) before being allowed to board or stay at the facility.  Even if a facility is not requiring the vaccine, please consider getting the canine influenza virus vaccine that we offer to help protect your dog wherever you go – boarding, grooming, dog parks, doggie daycare.