New Rat Poison on Market

There is a new rodenticide (rat poison) that many manufactures have been forced to switch to due to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) decision to prohibit the use of long- acting warfarin anticoagulants (d-con). This new rodenticide Bromethalin is a faster acting and leaves less time for owners to get their pets help if they were to ingest Bromethalin. With anticoagulation poisoning veterinarians typically had 3-5 days to treat, but now with the new faster onset of Bromethalin veterinarians have less then 2 hours to get treatment started. Bromethalin DOES NOT have an antidote. d-CON has now made the switch to comply with the EPA, BUT they  are using Diphacinone which is a first generation anticoagulant longer acting AND can also can be treated with Vitamin K. So when you buy rat poison please look for ones with the active ingredient Diphacinone. Click here for more information on Bromethalin.