Bugs won’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors!

Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are still out and we have the protection your pet needs to stay safe outside this fall.  We have chewable tablets to prevent heartworm and other internal parasites for both cats and dogs with rebates on each.  We also have Frontline Plus, the topical liquid, to protect your cat and dog from fleas and ticks with free doses when you buy 3 or 6 doses.  And for dogs we also now have NexGard, chewable flea and tick protection from the makers of Frontline Plus.  NexGard kills the dog tick, deer tick (carries Lyme Disese) and lone star tick so your dog will be covered this summer in the woods even if you don’t want to put on a liquid topical medication.  We can also price match other companies just bring in a print out of what product and the price.  Ask us about these and other products we have to help keep your pets safe this summer and fall.

Protection for your pets