Another Rabies Alert

On December 22, the latest positive rabies case was identified in Fillmore County in southeastern Minnesota.  A stray kitten with an injured leg was found on a property in Fillmore County. One of the homeowners approached the kitten and upon picking it up, the kitten bit the individual on the finger. The family attempted to clean up the kitten’s leg and offer it food. The kitten did not eat anything offered, and the kitten’s mouth ‘looked funny’. The following day the kitten was brought to a local veterinary clinic where it was submitted for rabies testing.  The major risk to the people in this situation is too important not to mention again.  These people must now get the post-exposure prophylaxis shots because they have been exposed to the rabies virus.  And we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to keep your pets’ rabies vaccine up-to-date.  The dogs in this household had current vaccines so will have to be monitored for exposure but not euthanized immediately like they would if they had not been vaccinated.  Remember rabies is a deadly disease that is present in Minnesota so please keep your pets’ vaccines current.