DOGS PER NIGHT – $29.99 plus tax
CATS PER NIGHT – $25.99 plus tax
If your pet stays the whole weekend, get $8 off!

Your pets are housed in our centrally
air-conditioned / heated indoor facility, located one mile North of Highway 694, on the West frontage road of Highway 65 (Central Avenue) in Fridley. We have the capacity to board up to 40 animals at one time but more typically we house 20-30 pets over a busy holiday weekend and less than 20 pets at non-holiday times. Skyline has a total of 5 different kenneling areas so we are able to accommodate animal’s special needs (for example, cats and more timid dogs can be housed in their respective “quiet wards”). Depending on their size, dogs would either be in a large fenced-in enclosure (or “run”) or a metal, permanent kennel (as opposed to the plastic Kennel-Aire style). The runs are various sizes, with the largest being approximately 4′ wide and 9′ long. We do have fewer runs than kennels, so our large dog spaces tend to fill up first over the busy weekends. It’s best to book in advance, as soon as you do have definite vacation/travel plans.

For your pet’s safety, we require that vaccinations are up-to-date for all boarding or hospitalized animals. Dogs need to be current on a DHPP (Distemper combination), Rabies and Bordatella vaccination to stay with us. (Bordatella is a type of kennel cough vaccine that is not typically given with annual routine vaccinations. It is usually given intranasally, in the form of nosedrops.) Cats must have current PRC (Distemper combination) and Rabies vaccinations. If Skyline is not your regular veterinarian we must call your vet ahead of time to confirm your pet’s vaccination history. We will notify you if any required vaccination is NOT current. You will then have the option of updating this with your regular clinic, or Skyline can administer the necessary vaccines on the day your pet comes in.

Dogs are taken outside individually for leashed walks several times a day for excerise and bathroom duties. We do not have outdoor enclosures for them (Fridley law prohibits this – probably due to the noise factor, as we are in a residential area!) so they are not outside without supervision. Cats are allowed out of their kennels to individually explore the surroundings of the room they are housed in – this is done daily at our discretion, depending on the cat’s comfort level. Most cats relax and are quite comfortable after being with us for a day or two.

Skyline Boarding - Wendy

All animals are given a blanket or fluffy towel as bedding, unless they are inclined to shred and eat them (!) Рlet us know if this is the case. You are welcome to bring bedding from home Рplease make sure it is something we can safely launder. Toys, rawhides, favorite treats, etc. are welcome as well. If your pet is accustomed to sleeping in a plastic kennel or soft cat bed, feel free to bring them along. We provide premium pet foods, both GI sensitive stomach and regular Healthy Adult (any other diet or canned food if we carry it is stock will have to be added to your final bill at pick up if requested to be used.). If your pet is on a very specific diet, has a sensitive stomach or is a picky eater, we ask that you bring your own food with feeding instructions.  We are happy to give any needed medications, according to your instructions, for a small additional daily charge.


Animals can be dropped off or picked up anytime during the hours the clinic is open. Monday through Friday hours are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays we are here from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm. We are closed Sundays for any drop-off or pick-up; however, we do have kennel staff that comes in to take care of the animals.


DOGS PER NIGHT – $29.99 plus tax
CATS PER NIGHT – $25.99 plus tax
If your pet stays the whole weekend, get $8 off!

ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICINE PER DAY – $3.99 (single medication) or $5.99 (multiple medications).

For stays longer than 7 days, we do require a deposit of 50% of the total expected bill at the time of drop off.

We are able to accommodate many animals with special needs, such as diabetic cats and dogs. We will provide insulin injections and careful monitoring by trained technicians.

**We charge you per NIGHT your pet stays, regardless of drop-off or pick-up time. As long as you come to get them before we close for the day, there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR THAT DAY.**

Here at Skyline we want to take the best possible care of your boarding pet. Each animal has a cage chart that allows us to keep track of their eating and bathroom habits. We will make you aware of any health concerns we have noticed during your pet’s stay – if there is an urgent concern, we will contact you at your emergency number or take immediate action if necessary.

Please let us know if we can provide any veterinary care while your pet is staying with us.