Cranberries – but it’s not Thanksgiving!

It may not be that time of year but cranberries are good for the bladder all year long.  You may have heard that cranberry juice can help with urinary tract infections and it is true.  Well now your dog can get all the benefits of cranberry juice in a chewable tablet.  Crananidin is a new product that contains the bioactive compound, PAC, found in cranberries.  PACs help to stop infection-causing E. coli bacteria from sticking to the bladder thus helping prevent a bladder infection.  We are excited to be able to offer this new product, Crananidin, to your help your pet.  For more information and to see if Crananidin is right for your dog, please talk to our doctors.

crananidin pic

On-line Pharmacies are easy but are they always safe?

We all like to use the internet for shopping at times and getting our pet’s medications that way seems simple right?  It is simple and safe if you use the pharmacies we have linked on our website (Skyline On-Line Pharmacies).  These are pharmacies where you get a discount for being a Skyline client and we trust them to get you the correct product.  Unfortunately we have recently heard of incidences with other on-line pharmacies not sending the correct drug or products to clients and this can lead to illness or even loss of your pet.  And drug companies will not back their product if it is sold to you through some of these other on-line pharmacies so please use the ones we know and trust that will guarantee their work and be sure to use the links on our site to get the discounts.

April Showers bring….

Well so this year it has been May showers bringing our pet’s enemy – the tick.  While none of us like to find ticks on our dogs and cats, we must be careful in what we use to get rid of them.  At Skyline, we sell Frontline Plus for flea and tick control.  When you buy Frontline from us, we will get you the right dose for your pet and the product is backed by the company if your pet has an adverse reaction to the medication.  Please be aware that you can buy Frontline and other topical flea and tick products at your local farm store but these are not backed by the company for any reactions your pet may have and it is easy to get the wrong size accidently.  Also, some of the other products can be toxic to cats so be aware of what you are buying.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns about flea and tick control for your pet at 763-574-9892.